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8T Series

MIL-DTL-38999 Series ll

38999 bayonet circular connector for more compacity

The design and performances of the 8T connectors meet the most severe requirements set for applications in military and civil aerospace. With the increasing requirement for low profile and EMI shielding, SOURIAU has more than doubled its 8T range.

It features:

• Lower profile design: Lightweight, space saving (30% shorter compared to 8LT)
• High reliability: EMI shielding, excellent shock vibration & fluid resistance, QPL approved
• A high contact density: From 1 to 128 contacts
• A wide range: RoHS plating available (black zinc nickel),
• Shell orientation by means of polarizing keys (master key)
• 11 different shells available, 43 layouts available
• Size 22D, 20, 16 and 12 crimp contacts
• Bayonet quick coupling
• Shell orientation by means of polarizing keys (master key)


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